Ein Baum und seine Abenteuer

Hendrik Wallbaum

Webdev. Intraperneur. Roleplayer.

I am a JavaScript Enthusiast, developer for fun, intrapreneur and passionate RPG player.

During the day I work as a Staff Engineer, Engineering Manager or Frontend Architect building applications throughout many industries. I enjoy getting an overview, shaping visions and teaching my juniors.

In the past I have spoken at Code.Talks, Hamburgs largets developer conference and multiple MeetUps. Together with Netlight I am also a regular host for MeetUps in Hamburg.



Hendrik during a trip through the fjords.
Hendrik during a trip through the fjords of Norway.


The Sword

Interactive Fiction Game

Web based game where you as the protagonist go on a journey to find the mythical sword. Can you become the next king?


Hexo Theme

Simple, text focussed blogging theme for static site generator Hexo.

Browser Based Games

HTML5 Games

A collection of JavaScript based games to play right in your browser.

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