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Generative AI is here to stay!

"A path into the AI future" - generated using Midjourney
"A path into the AI future" - generated using Midjourney

Some reflections on what 2022 showed us about the future.

Generative AI describes AI that takes a prompt and generates something from it. Prime examples include Copilot which takes code or comments as a prompt to complete the code I want to write, ChatGPT which takes a chat message and replies with a human-like answer and Stable-Diffusion (or Dall-E, or Midjourney) which takes a prompt and returns a fitting image. All of these AIs made massive progress in 2022!

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The Gods of Diffusion

The Pantheon of Diffusion
The Pantheon of Diffusion

I have rencently been spending quite some time with text2image generation. And while looking around for great styles for a project I generated a "Chromatic Goddess of Colors" that I really liked. This sparked the idea within me to generate a whole pantheon of gods and see how far I could push this!

Trying my hands at Deno v1.0

Denos awesome Dinosaur logo.
Denos awesome Dinosaur logo.

Following the release of Deno v1.0 I got excited to try my hands at it. These are my first experiences writing a simple tool in Deno.

A super fast introduction to Deno: Deno is the spiritual successor of Node trying to fix design mistakes that were made early on but recognized only late into the project. Deno supports TypeScript out of the box and relies on web-standards. In Deno you can import ES modules from any URL and use fetch like you would in the browser. To help unify the community on processes and workflows Deno provides a wide array of stdLibs and has build in solutions for bundling, testing and code formatting. You can read more in the Deno v1 release post.

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