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Daily Note navigation in Obsidian using Dataview

Navigation between daily notes in Obsidian
Navigation between daily notes in Obsidian

Daily notes in Obsidian are ephemeral, they matter most for the day there were written and maybe the days surrounding them. But, after a week, we hardly ever refer back to them. If something truly mattered, we probably pulled it out to another note.

That being said, I often find myself wanting to refer to yesterdays note. And Obsidian doesn't provide a native way to get to yesterdays note. My current solution to this is to add links to the last and next daily note into every daily note via a template.

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Technical debt and dirty dishes

Technical Debt is a lot like doing your dishes.
Technical Debt is a lot like doing your dishes.

Working with Engineers you probably heard the term "Technical Debt". But what is this "debt" Engineers keep referring to? Just an excuse to push features further out? Join us on a journey to understand what Technical Debt has to do with doing your dishes and paying back your student loans.

Generative AI is here to stay!

"A path into the AI future" - generated using Midjourney
"A path into the AI future" - generated using Midjourney

Some reflections on what 2022 showed us about the future.

Generative AI describes AI that takes a prompt and generates something from it. Prime examples include Copilot which takes code or comments as a prompt to complete the code I want to write, ChatGPT which takes a chat message and replies with a human-like answer and Stable-Diffusion (or Dall-E, or Midjourney) which takes a prompt and returns a fitting image. All of these AIs made massive progress in 2022!

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Interactive Fiction Game

Web based game where you as the protagonist go on a journey to find the mythical sword. Can you become the next king?


Hexo Theme

Simple, text focussed blogging theme for static site generator Hexo.

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