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🏰 Medieval Strategies for Cyber Security

Let medieval castles inspire your modern day Cyber Security.


🌱 Developing Growth

A practical guide to "Growth Hacking" by example.


🤑 How I earned 2 cents

and why that changes the internet

A talk about Web monetization, Activity Pub and how "Protocol over Platform" is shaping the webs future.


🔮 A short history of webdevs future

An introduction to webdev

In this talk we will explore the history of web development to understand it’s current state and future. This journey through time is a reflection for web developers as well, as an entry point for everyone unrelated to the craft.


🧐 Testing webapps

The whys and hows of testing and Cypress

A talk about why you should do end to end (e2e) testing for your webapps and how to use Cypress for e2e-testing. We will gather motivation to get started with testing before diving into Cypress as an amazing tool to get the job done.


😍 How I fell in love with an APi first CMS

The rise of fun CMS development

We take a look at the historic development of CMS solutions and arive at API first CMS systems.


🔩 Node based CLIs

Being awesome in JavaScript

This talk takes a look at a range of great, NodeJS based command line interfaces. After exploring all that awesomeness, we also take a look at a way to build out own.


🚂 ChooJS

Introducing choo

An introduction to ChooJS. A framework combining the best practices learned in React to create a fun developer experience.


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