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RIOT collectibles

RIOT League of Legends collectibles
RIOT League of Legends collectibles

I totally bought into the U.R.F. promotion of RIOTs collectibles. So by buying a sweet little Mantee I got another figure for free, jay me.

Having ogled with the little figures for a while now my biggest problem was really that I couldn't decide which one I would want to get. Luckily URF helped me with that because the Mantee is super awesome. And supposedly you won't be able to get it after this U.R.F. which I don't believe just yet. They used to say the same thing about my snow bunny Nidalee skin. Yeah I love collecting stuff, used to collect stamps way back and I really do want to get a cabinet to show of my collectibles and special editions of stuff.

Now, a bit about the figures. The random one I got is Gragas which is awesome since I used to main him for a few months in Season 3. The collectibles are trimmed for cuteness. They remind me of "Chibi" Characters (Anime in cute with big heads). Personally I like that style but that is definitely up to your taste. As far as my expertise permits to say this, the figures have a good quality. While I can see a few little gaps in the Gragas one the URF one is simply smooth. Colors are where they belong and the figures are nice to the touch. The base could be a bit ore solid but you will generally have these standing around so it shouldn't bother you. I also think they did a good job fixing all figures in a pose appropriate for their character.

Gragas and the Mantee will from now on live next to my Laptop, money well spend.


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