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Der gesunde Menschenverstand

Der gesunde menschenverstand wird nie zu begeistern vermögen, wie eine radikale Idee dies tut.

...aber das ist nur die Meinung eines Baums.

Die Meinung eines Baums

"Die Meinung eines Baums" wird eine Reihe von Beiträgen, in denen ich mich über Gott, die Welt und Leben im allgemeinen auslasse.

Fürs erste hab ich noch ein paar ältere Beiträge rum liegen, die ich über die nächsten zwei Wochen raus hauen werde. Also nicht wundern, wenn die Zeit nicht zu passen scheint.

The thing about language

One important topic for myself is language.

You will soon notice that my blog will be mostly English and sometime German. At least that is what I think will happen.


But how come?

Well a lot of times I think in English. Sometime because I am reading in English and think about it, sometimes because it helps to see a bigger picture if you think in "not your native language" and sometime just because I feel like it. Adding unto that some content of this blog will be a different version of something I release on English speaking forums or generally tutorials about tech related things. For these topics I find English to be more appropriate, as it finds a bigger audience and other related documents are usually English.


Hi there,

I am HoverBaum, well that is what I call myself on the web. In real life I am Hendrik, nice to meet you!

This site is me ranting on about everything and anything I find interesting.

Watch out for potentially cool stuff to come.

Where to go next