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Trying my hands at Deno v1.0

Denos awesome Dinosaur logo.
Denos awesome Dinosaur logo.

Following the release of Deno v1.0 I got excited to try my hands at it. These are my first experiences writing a simple tool in Deno.

A super fast introduction to Deno: Deno is the spiritual successor of Node trying to fix design mistakes that were made early on but recognized only late into the project. Deno supports TypeScript out of the box and relies on web-standards. In Deno you can import ES modules from any URL and use fetch like you would in the browser. To help unify the community on processes and workflows Deno provides a wide array of stdLibs and has build in solutions for bundling, testing and code formatting. You can read more in the Deno v1 release post.

Polling using RxJS

A real life stream in action.
A real life stream in action.

As observables are gaining more and more popularity in JavaScript we are looking to accomplish our everyday tasks using them and evaluating whether they are really worth all the hype. One task you might find yourself doing is polling the backend to know whether a longer running task has completed.

We will walk through an example of such a scenario and implement a solution using RxJS. On our way we will learn some basic operators for RxJS, and a few techniques as well as how to avoid a pitfall or two. At the end I will present a real-world example to show you how to implement what we learned in a specific scenario.

Invert strings

Getting close to finishing my Masters I recently started to interview for employment opportunities. As I have a Computer Science background this involves doing some programming. After all potential employers want to find out if I can code. These practical tests need to be short yet tell you something about the applicants skill level. One challenge I faced was to invert a string. And as JavaScript is my favorite programming language here are four way to do that in JS.

Arbeit, Arbeit, meeeehr Arbeit

Der Firmeneingang, grade zu majestätisch.
Der Firmeneingang, grade zu majestätisch.

Im Grunde bin ich ja hier für ein Praktikum ^^

Zeit also, auch darüber zu berichten.

Ich arbeite bei NetEase einem der größten Technologieunternehmen Chinas. Während sie im Inland durch ihre E-Mail-Provider und vor allem Anbieter von Mobilegames bekannt sind, kennt man die Firma in Deutschland eher durch ihren Musik Streaming Dienst, bei dem man sich als Schnupperangebot bis zu 2000 Lieder gratis runterladen kann. Und der anschließenden Debatte, ob das in Deutschland legal ist.

ES6 need to know

Let us take a good look at this thing they call ES6.
Let us take a good look at this thing they call ES6.

ES6 is out, browser support is actually decent and if that is not enough for you there is always Babel. So lets get up to speed with the most important and awesome new features.

Let there be Const

Scope in JavaScript come unfamiliar to most. Because we have a thing called "variable hosting" that pulls all variables out and defines them at the top of their Scope. Their Scope being either the global one or the first surrounding function. The classic example here is a for loop.

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